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  • Female
  • 22
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  • All Subjects in 6th grade, All Subjects in 8th grade, Biology in 8th grade, Chemistry in 8th grade, Computer in 8th grade, English in 8th grade, History in 8th grade, Maths in 8th grade, Physics in 8th grade, Biology in 10th grade, Chemistry in 10th grade, Computer Science in 10th grade, English in 10th grade, Maths in 10th grade, Zoology in 10th grade, Biology in 12th grade, Bio Technology in 12th grade, Physiology in 12th grade, Zoology in 12th grade, Biochemistry, Cell And Molecular Biology, Genomics And Proteomics, Microbiology, Molecular Pathogenesis Of Infections Disease, Zoology in -, Biology in NEET - Medical
  • 1 year
  • MSc in Zoology
  • I am currently pursuing Masters in Zoology at Department of Zoology, University of Delhi. Teaching is my passion and training young minds towards gaining in depth knowledge is one of my prime focus while working as a tutor. I have myself qualified several entrance examinations and have been a topper in my 10th, 12th and Bachelor's examinations. I am a calm person and can address questions any number of times. I believe in quality education and perfection.
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